Our history

Our journey began in 2016 when a group of technology enthusiasts passionate about the modern workplace, customer relationship management and analytics-driven selling saw it fit to share the same energy, insight and foresight with African businesses. We have gained extensive experience through our engagement with businesses across the African continent to realise part of their digital transformation objectives. As one of the Managed Service Providers (MSP), our deep pool of certified engineers, subject matter experts, and IT support staff are ready to help your business grow and thrive. Our experience cuts across different verticals and segments where we continue to advocate for technology in different proportions around automating organisational business processes. It is our belief that organisations are supposed to be managed scientifically using technology. We are a Cloud Solution Provider which advocates for cloud productivity to our customers as a productivity and performance management tool.

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Divine Technologies is a comprehensive technology solutions group that provides customised digital solutions to public and private sector enterprises and SMEs across the continent.

Our main objective is to assist clients with Digital Process Automation to help accelerate their digital transformation journey, and we have confidence in our ability to generate the consensus and commitment necessary to succeed.

We recognize the importance that clients place on expert, objective advice. We are always prepared to stand behind our recommendations and to assist our clients with obtaining appropriate approvals to proceed with their own objectives and business plans within scalable technological platforms.

Our vision & values

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Our Promise

We believe that the key to success is our ability to meet our client’s expectations with enough flexibility to ensure that we go all the way to complete the project. We continually grow new services as we further innovate new solutions with future technologies. This allows us to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and keep delivering first-class service to our clients.

Many companies promise good service, but are they delivering it? Are they able to see the problem from your perspective and truly understand your requirements?

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