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Divine Technologies offers a complete real time view of your fleet status and vehicle locations. Cloud based tracking software allows effective and efficient fleet management via any smart phone or desktop computer.



Vehicle Reports

Fleet management with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and routing. A GPS tracker can revolutionise your business. Our proven solutions combine to help you manage and track your fleet to maximise utilisation and productivity, and reduce fuel usage. The cost savings from installing gps fleet trackers can be substantial.


Journey Replay

Journey replay provides reports so you can see when and where a vehicle stopped, if it was speeding at any time, if the vehicle went off route or made unscheduled stops. Using state-of-the-art vehicle tracking devices gives you instant access to real-time data about your vehicles. This allows you to go back in time to assess driver performance, efficiency, routes, fuel use, stops and starts and other data.


Driver Behaviour

With the information received about either your or your drivers’ driving behavior and habits, you can take the initiative to either improve your driving style or give your drivers extra training, where needed, to reduce instances such as harsh braking, setting off too quickly and speeding, all of which make your vehicles less fuel efficient.


Email & SMS Notifications

Business owners and managers can choose to receive email and SMS alerts that provide daily reports and analyses by either fleet or driver. Receive periodic fleet and vehicle status reports, or choose to receive notification when vehicles speed, venture outside of their service area or exhibit unusual behaviour. Some employers spend a lot of time away from their office, so they do not have the luxury of monitoring vehicle activities during the day. Email and SMS alerts give these employers an easy way to stay connected with their businesses when they do not have access to online tracking software.

We make fleet tracking more manageable

Our Google Maps solution on your vehicle tracker will give you the very best view of exact locations by the minute every single day. See any route marked out on-screen, and with our vehicle tracking you’ll be able to follow the vehicle as if you were driving it yourself! With our optional roaming add-on and time zone support you can track your fleet worldwide, track real-time vehicle locations, run reports and receive alerts whenever your vehicles are near specified points of interest such as country borders and ports.

Real-time Updates

Enjoy GPS fleet tracking systems that give you real-time information. Position, speed and status are all only a click away. Use Fleetsmart to play, rewind and fast forward through time to any point in history. Replay journeys and plot vehicle history

< 2m Accuracy

By using GPS vehicle tracking you can get up-to-the-minute mapping with 2m accuracy so you can pinpoint your fleet. Updates are pushed directly to you instantly every time a vehicle or asset changes position, without the need to refresh or reload the page. A key feature of a vehicle tracker.

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