We implement preventative measures and manage cyber risks.

Our team has extensive experience and support to provide various services to ensure that your security fabric is designed to protect your business. Future Cloud Experts has partnerships with leading vendors and industry leaders in the IT Security space.
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Cyber Security Services We Offer

Understanding your business and your IT objectives is the first step we take as IT consultants at Divine Technologies. We recognize that each firm has unique requirements, and what works for one company might not work for you. Because of this, we do a thorough IT audit at the start of every new engagement to comprehend your current IT infrastructure and the issues you are now experiencing. Our IT experts evaluate the results and suggest the technologies that will work best for your company.

Advanced Cyber Security

Security threats are continuously evolving. Your business can only work with cybersecurity companies able to adapt and respond to these changing threats.   Partner with one of the most experienced cybersecurity firms in Johannesburg and ensure protection for your entire IT environment with Managed IT experts.

Security Incident Investigation

Our NSOC team has a deep understanding of cybercriminal tactics, which allows us to quickly identify data breaches in the cloud and on-site systems. Rely on one of the leading cyber security firms to keep your network safe, so you can focus on your long term business goals.

Cloud-Based Security Enhancements

Rely on our cyber security in Johannesburg to evaluate your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments, ensuring you have the most up-to-date security measures in place. Whether you have a hybrid or a full-hosting solution, we’ll make sure your cloud system is well protected from threats.

Email Protection

Some of the biggest security incidents take place through email. Get email protection services from one of the leading  cybersecurity companies to bolster your defences with anti-phishing software, advanced spam filters, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Secure Connectivity

Work with one of the leading Johannesburg cybersecurity companies that offers a wide range of connectivity services to secure your data. We employ multiple fail-safes that ensure data is accessible only to you and your cyber security team in Johannesburg.

Disaster Recovery

Whether from user error, natural disaster, or a cyberattack, missing data can grind a business to a halt. 

When disaster strikes, rely on one of the most trusted cybersecurity companies in Johannesburg to restore your data and applications.

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