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Hikvision is a leading provider of video surveillance products and solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, including IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, access control systems, and other security-related products. Hikvision’s products are used by businesses, governments, and homeowners around the world.


Hikvision IP cameras

The advantages that IP surveillance systems bring are many in terms of productivity and quality. The technology that pushes Hikvision IP cameras is quite brilliant that it has advanced features and functionalities, making the surveillance more refined. The Hikvision IP cameras come in varied types and where it includes the thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing out the camera, and much more.

Hikvision Analog Cameras

The Hikvision analog cameras would be the choice of a source for an excellent analog surveillance system. It’s a cost-effective factor, and the excellent performance against various conditions make it perfect for business of any sizes. High-quality Hikvision Analog Cameras extends the benefit of producing desired results. When it comes to the types and models, it includes a Turbo HD camera, CCD camera HD-SDI camera. It supports PAL/NTSC Signal System, Night Vision, Smart IR and good dynamic range, good video image output, Good for low light conditions, wide operating temperature range, and so on.

Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder is compatible with the IP cameras, and it allows the view and storage of video footage efficiently. Network management software makes it possible to record and manage the video. NVRs can be remotely accessed through local area networks and the internet.

It’s reliable, trusted nature and the capability to deliver optimum performance makes Hikvision NVR a sure choice for your IP surveillance system. The features make the system more adaptive to varied business environments. It supports third-party cameras, high-resolution video recording, Dual gigabit network interfaces, HDMI output, etc

Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder is for the Analog Surveillance system. The more advanced form of analog Surveillance system utilizes a Digital Video Recorder for high-quality recording and storage. Hikvision DVR allows recording digitally, and the various digital technologies, including video analytics and remote access over the networks, making it a favourable choice for the Analog surveillance system.

Hikvision Turbo HD 4 Cameras

The New Hikvision Cameras are Turbo HD cameras that offer ultra-low lighr performance and using the new H265+ Video Compression Technology. These Hikvision CCTV cameras offer very low bandwidth usage and minimum storage requirements. The Power over Coaxial cable technology further minimizes the headaches involved in CCTV installation by eliminating the power cabling. The New Hikvision Technology transmits UHD video and power over the same coaxial cable.

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Divine Technologies supply small budget for Hikvision CCTV Dealer from 4-128 camera CCTV package that provide the highest resolution video. All of these CCTV kits are net-workable through your home or businesses internet connection for remote monitoring through a smartphone app.  We supply small budget four camera kits right up to 8 camera CCTV kits that provide the highest resolution video. All of these CCTV kits are net-workable through your home or businesses internet connection for remote monitoring through a smartphone app.

Quality & Reliability

With  CCTV security Systems, your employees and business can be safeguargedin a complex way. For you to meet iverse surveillance needs, both the internal and external surveillance, you are needed to implement with the right system with better security system. It is imperative to choose the best in the market and Almiriatechstores prides in that. Hikvision is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality HD cameras and recording systems. The security solution with HIkvision products ensure a perfect CCTV surveillance thus allowing you to have peace of mind as you go on with your daily activities  

Certified Distributor

Once you have decided to have a security system at your place of work, it is important to approach a reliable distributor of Hikvision Products. Divine Technologies is focussed in providing advanced security solutions to various industries and factories. Being the leading Hikvision Supplier, we have the right solutions and systems for your ever expanding business at an affordable price There are two portfolio of Hikvision Camera systems both IP and the analog cameras  

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